This is a home in Katy, Texas built in 2008.  The exhaust flue pipe is from a fireplace in the living room.  This poses a major safety hazard because it is set under the soffit overhang.  Exhaust (CO) can re-enter into the attic space then enter the home.  Bad workmanship and horrible builder for allowing this.  This home was purchase new at one time and the owner failed to hire a third party inspector.  A good realtor and builder welcome third party inspection because they are extra eyes without their expense.

Home Ready Inspections will work and communicate with your home builders to achieve one goal, to satisfy our clients.  We are, by no means, a code enforcer but we certainly let you know if something is not right.  If you are in the market to buying a new home please request for a third party energy rating and home inspection.  Home Ready Inspections can perform both.

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