What to expect when having a HVAC Tune-Up

A 15-point Cooling tune-up:

  1. Verify cooling performance, temperature drop and determine if adjustments are necessary.  (putting on gages to determine Super Heat and Sub Cool)
  2. Clean outdoor condenser coil and remove debris from unit. (Remove cover and acid wash condenser coils)
  3. Inspect condenser fan motor operation, and lubricate as necessary. (check balance and volt and amps)
  4. Check amperage of compressor for proper operation.
  5. Test operation and condition of compressor contactor.
  6. Inspect and tighten electrical connections.
  7. Inspect start/run capacitors and relays.
  8. Inspect for refrigerant leaks. (Use an approved Freon leak detector)
  9. Inspect indoor evaporator coil, if accessible.
  10. Flush condensate drain to protect against overflow. (adding an acid tablet)
  11. Inspect blower assembly operation, lubricate and adjust as necessary. (checking for balance)
  12. Evaluate condition of air filters and other indoor air quality accessories.
  13. Test all controls for proper operation.
  14. Calibrate thermostat and confirm proper operation.
  15. Evaluate overall efficiency of system and inform customer of equipment condition.

Be cautious when hiring a HVAC contractor to perform a tune-up.  I normally try to be positive but I have to be truthful.  I recently hired a contractor to perform a tune-up and received a scared tactic many use.  I was told that my system would stop working and I would need to replace it before the summer.  He spent the rest of the time trying to sell me a new system.  I heard him out and told him that I would think about it then paid the $24.95 and sent him on his way.

Little he knew that we work with HVAC contractor who perform HVAC inspection and tune-ups regularly.  We often shop for honest HVAC contractor to perform HVAC inspection so we can refer to our clients when needed.  Busy season comes and most Honest contractor are hard to find.  I guess paying $24.95 is worth finding out a poor HVAC contractor.

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